Featured Artists

tylerthrasherartTyler Thrasher:

Tyler is a local illustrator/animator/musician. Here at Needful Things, we greatly enjoy his crystal art. These particular pieces of  artwork consist of items such as turtle shells, skulls, bones, bugs, and other items/creatures that have had colorful crystals grown all  over them. You can see and purchase some of his crystal artwork right here in our store! Check out Tyler on Facebook or go to his  website to see and purchase some of his magnificent art.



R10358563_804948069557801_1900335790830711495_nyan Thomas:

Ryan is a freelance makeup and practical FX artist based out of Tulsa. In addition to creating awesome special effects, Ryan is also a very gifted Mask Maker. We feature several of his custom masks, flesh pieces, and you can even get some blood! Check out Ryan on his Facebook or go to his website to see some images of his excellent makeup FX and masks.


witches-box-magic-potion-Favim.com-634032Crossroads Collective

Since 1999, CRC has been a trusted resource of Meditational and Metaphysical Supplies for the discerning. The folks that are part of this collective create some very beautiful and unique items that we feature in our store such as Altar Tools, Incense, Wands, Chakra Chests,
Mojo Boxes and much more. We will actually be hosting some classes in our store with various members of the collection from time to time so be sure to check our posts and events calendar to see when these classes will be scheduled. You can check out some of their products and resources HERE.