New Workshops and Classes

We will be offering some new classes and workshops coming up very soon. Some of our favorite local artists from the Crossroads Collective will be demonstrating their “craft” right here in our store. Below is a list of the types of classes we will be hosting and a short description of each. If you have any questions about the classes or their content, please CONTACT us and we can provide any information you may need. Be sure to keep an eye on our EVENTS page for days and times classes will be scheduled. We hope to see a lot of you out here!

One of the oldest forms of ritual magick, candlemagick is also one of the easiest to learn and practice regularly. This class will cover the basics, including: preparation, color theory, herbs and oils, symbology, astrological timing, as well as, creating simple candle spells. This class is open to all paths.

The Art of Craft:
Herbs and oils, candles and bones, ink and paper, fire and stones. Gather around the cauldron and learn the art and craft of getting the Universe to deliver on what you want. This class covers the basics of spellcrafting for ANY path.
Mojo Boxes:
Craft a Mojo magnet for anything you desire…love, money, fame, protection, happiness, or even for cleansing negativity. Mojo Boxes encapsulate all the “ingredients” need to manifest your desires on the physical world. They are part spellbox, part mojo bag, part Gris Gris, and part you. This class covers the use and crafting of mojo/spell boxes for a modern path.